Who we are

Who We Are

We are a maritime high-technology enterprise with German roots and a global footprint. The know-how and expertise of our skilled workforce in the fields of hydroacoustics, sensor engineering and information technology have made us the preferred supplier to numerous navies and civilian customers worldwide. As a specialist for underwater acoustics, we are the market and technology leader in many sectors.

We have the capability of integrating different kinds and makes of equipment into a system-of-systems architecture. With that, we have mastered the entire functional chain from sensor to shooter. As a result, we can provide the users of our systems with precise decision criteria. Every day, we work on expanding our stock of knowledge, applying this know-how to the benefit of our customers, and constantly becoming a better company.

We are a company that is driven by technology. The structure and organization of our enterprise is oriented towards market requirements and the associated research and development. At the same time, we are organised such that new and established customer relationships are always in the focus of our actions.

The structure of our Group reflects the needs of the world markets. A total of 10 business areas, now covering 38 product groups, are available to our customers in a matrix:

  • Submarine Systems
  • Surface Combatant Systems
  • Mine Warfare Systems
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Naval Weapons
  • Maritime Security Systems
  • Naval Communication
  • Airborne Systems
  • Services

This organisational form not only serves as a clear overview of the fields of technology we cover, but also indicates their interconnections and the meaningful use of core technologies in very diverse areas of application.

Our approach in coming to a solution always begins with a comprehensive analysis of the requirements from the engineering and scientific standpoint. The intensive collaboration of various disciplines within our company, an unusually strong “team spirit”, and the trust placed in us by our customers make all the difference.

Management Board

Facts & Figures

About 2,000 highly qualified staff members are making ATLAS ELEKTRONIK better every day. More than 80 percent are engineers, technicians and skilled workers. Many of our experts also have considerable professional expertise as naval officers with a technical background and leadership experience. Practical maritime know-how, both military and civilian, forms an important part of the résumés of many employees, and a passion for the sea is often reflected in their recreational activities.

We are to be found at many locations worldwide with subsidiaries, representative offices and joint ventures. The geographical closeness to our customers is backed up in each case by a local team that is united by specialist know-how, an in-depth knowledge of the market, and a keen awareness for specific customer requirements.

We will be happy to provide references, particularly from our home naval force, the German Navy. We are proud of our work and especially of the trust placed in us by our customers. It goes without saying that the client’s need for confidentiality is respected in all cases. We therefore name specific customers as references only with their approval.

Currently in operation:

  • Integrated mission systems delivered to 21 navies
  • Sonar systems to 28 navies
  • Torpedoes to 17 navies
  • Mine disposal vehicles to 11 navies
  • VTS/CSS systems to 86 port authorities or navies
  • Hydrographic systems to 58 authorities or navies
  • More than 520 radio and communications systems all over the world

Within the natural sciences, the study of physics – and within physics, the field of acoustics – has been a passion we have pursued for more than 100 years now. With this constant expansion of know-how, we have achieved the position of technology leader. Our hydroacoustic sensors, the processing and evaluation of the data, and our new approaches for humanmachine interfaces make our systems the benchmark for all others. Our day-to-day work is firmly focused on ensuring that this remains the case.

In recruiting young talent, we cooperate extensively with universities and, within the scope of this collaboration, also award master thesis and PhD research topics. On top of that, we are involved in job exchanges for young academics and provide in-company training for young people in commercial and technical occupations.

A broad continuing education programme keeps our staff members on track and up to speed. Lifelong learning and, with that, always staying at the forefront of developments are the foundations of our success.


At Home in 12 Countries

Proximity to the markets, an awareness of each country's specific conditions, tremendous expertise and access to the combined strength of a globally active company make the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group a preferred partner for its customers.

The following subsidiaries and shareholdings are coordinated worldwide by the parent ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH in Bremen. 

SONARTECH ATLAS is Australia’s leading supplier of submarine sonar systems. Hagenuk Marinekommunikation delivers turnkey, customised and fully integrated communication systems for submarines, surface combatants and land-based facilities. The marine specialist ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK provides extensive experience in programme management, design and development, qualification, field tests, supply management and system integration. ATLAS MARIDAN is a specialist for developing and integrating autonomous underwater vehicles.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland supplies tailored combat and command management systems. ATLAS North America is active in the submarine technology and unmanned underwater vehicle sector. The focus of tkMS Canada is on communication systems, sonar solutions and also unmanned underwater vehicles. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK INDIA supports the sales activities of the Group in India and ANEC KOREA provides technical service support, programme management, marketing and sales as well as development and in-service support for existing projects in South Korea. ATLAS UAE is the point of contact for all Group activities in the United Arab Emirates. CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE provides full support for the Integrated Sensor Underwater System (ISUS) on the new  South African submarines.

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